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Answers to the most popular questions

Q: What are the membership discounts?
A: As a member you are entitled to up to 50% off all your travel purchases made though our membership program including Flights, accommodations, all inclusive resorts, car rentals even cruises!

Q: Can I use my own personal travel agent?
A: In order to be entitled to a discount on your travel purchases they need to be booked through our online booking engine or through our full service travel agency.

Q: Are the discounts immediate?
A: Yes, you will be quoted and billed the discounted price; there is no need to wait to accumulate points!

Q: How often can I claim my benefits?
A: There is not limit on how many times you can book and save with our membership. The more you travel the more you will save!

Q: Can someone else take advantage of my benefits and discounts?
A: Yes however only an immediate family member would also be entitled to your membership discounts!

Q: What will this cost me?
A: The membership fee is $19.95 per month as long as you are an active member.